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High CBD Cannabis - The Pros and Cons: A Truthful Account From A Medical Cannabis User and Breeder

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Part 7 - Con: Treating Severe Pain

Unfortunately, this is one area have a lot of experience with. I suffer from intense stomach pain due to Crohn’s disease. I have also, in the past, dealt with debilitating back and muscle pain that made every waking moment a challenge due to nearly constant pain.

I wish it were not the case, but high CBD Cannabis really falls short for dealing with these troublesome symptoms. Nearly every high CBD strain I have tried does little to nothing to help severe pain of any kind, and the ones that do provide relief are the strains that still have a healthy dose of THC in the mix.

The fact is that THC can work wonders for severe pain as it targets the source of the pain - the signals in the brain and central nervous system. While the pain is still technically there, you just don’t feel it in the same way. Also, due to the overall relaxing effect THC can have on the entire body, tense muscles calm down and painful stomach cramps are eased.

When you’re looking to treat severe pain you are going to want to look at very heavy pure Indica strains that provide a powerful body stone. Romulan is always a winner for pain of any kind, including headaches. Laughing Lion also provides a very soothing but extremely potent body high that works amazingly well for muscle and back pain; and according to many female patients it is also a lifesaver for severe menstrual cramps. Other great choices would be Peanut Butter Herijuana (as seen in the photo) with it’s intense narcotic stone, and Master Medica due to it’s pure Indica hash plant genetics from Afghanistan.

Finally, Grand Daddy Purple is a classic strain that works incredibly well when it comes to pain relief, with the added benefit of a very exotic concord grape flavour.

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May 30, 2020

The origin eludes me, but I seem to remember a claim that CBD was good for inflammation while THC was good for pain. I do know that CBD does have a positive effect on my arthritis (so do certain THC strains) but am unsure what the relief inducing element is. Is it reducing inflammation? I really haven't measured and knees with arthritis tend to be enlarged painful at the best of times.

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