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Master Medica

Master Medica NEW, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Master Medica

Genetics:  Afghan Kush IBL x Hindu Kush IBL

(Korengal region) 

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Extreme

Our flagship medical strain, and hash plant par excellence, developed specifically to manage symptoms of Crohn's disease and to assist cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  


A cross of two pure indica varieties from the Himalayas, Master Medica is the go-to strain for treating stomach pain, cramping, nausea, vomiting, and migraines.  Many patients report a pronounced broncho/vasodilation effect from Master Medica, making her a promising option for patients with breathing and circulatory difficulties. 


Master Medica produces some of the highest quality extracts with profound medicinal value, and of course, absolutely top tier traditional Afghani hash.  Clear-headed yet powerfully medicating, this is the strain you want in your herbal apothecary when you’re feeling ill and don’t have time to be down for the count.


Parental Lines and Development:  

Master Medica was developed over many years by Professor Sprout of Lucky 13 Seed Company by searching through classic Afghani cultivars from the Himalayan foothills.  He was looking for only the most medicinally effective strains to help treat painful symptoms of Crohn’s disease, as traditional medications had failed to offer much assistance in the way of relief.  In Master Medica, Professor Sprout was able to create a strain that not only provided respite from his many discomforts, but also allowed a level of functionality and alertness that had been elusive in other medicinal, yet highly stupefying strains, such as Romulan, UBC Chemo, and Peanut Butter Herijuana.


Master Medica was created by merging two heirloom Himalayan hash plants: An incredibly pungent late 90’s broad-leaf Afghan Kush, and a high altitude early 2000’s Hindu Kush landrace from the Korengal Valley.  The former, a textbook chunky indica plant with a dwarfish structure and crippling stone, and the latter, a tall and stretchy highland hash plant with remarkable resin production and a crystal clear high. By combining these two quite dissimilar hash plants, true heterosis was achieved in a strain that surpassed both of the parental lines in yield, effect, ease of growth, and medicinal value.


Structural Morphology:  

The vast majority of phenotypes display a hefty main cola structure with satellite branching that orbit the central bud at approximately 50% of total height (when grown un-topped).  If maximum yield is required, and a little extra veg time is available, then it is recommended to top and train Master Medica through a horizontal screen to produce an even canopy for maximum light exposure.  


Leaf structure is a hybrid of the thin-fingered Korengal-Hindu and the super-wide Afghan Kush, producing medium sized fan leaves on long petioles.  This structure makes it easy to tuck the fan leaves under trellising as opposed to defoliating if you so choose.  


In this current generation of offspring, undesirable genetic outliers such as the overly stretchy sativa-esque Korengal types, in addition to the extremely leafy dwarf Afghan expressions were removed from the breeding pool to provide a more consistent growing experience with less phenotypical variation where structural morphology is concerned.  

Master Medica, Lucky 13 Seeds-04.jpg
Master Medica, Lucky 13 Seeds-06 (1).jpg

Buds and Resin:  

Resin production is heavy and impressive, as one would expect from the combination of two classic hash plant cultivars.  For those who prefer extracts to flower, you will not be disappointed with Master Medica’s copious yields of gooey resin glands that fall freely and easily when agitated in ice water and sieved through bubble bags.  If flower is your thing, then you will delight at the thick and weighty branch-bending buds that proliferate across the high density of flowering sites. 



Aromatic profiles from the most recent generation of Master Medica have been strengthened and enhanced by increasing the selection pool to over 120 seedlings, allowing for a much larger sample size to choose from.  This allowed us to find exceptional examples of hard-to-find terpene profiles in the much sought after “pungent” spectrum of skunk, sulphur, hot tar, and musky hash, with the more classical botanical aromas of pine, sage and grapefruit included in the selection criteria as well.  Master Medica contains a veritable cornucopia of classic terpene expressions allowing keen pheno hunters to sniff out some really special phenotypes that are becoming very difficult to find in today’s homogenized market of dessert and candy focused polyhybrids. 


Effects and Symptom Relief:  

Effects of Master Medica are targeted at relieving discomfort while allowing a high level of functionality.  Pain and nausea can therefore be managed without the excessive sedation that is common in narcotic-type hash plants. Note: if sleep assistance is something you’re looking for, see Amber Girl, Laughing Lion, Romulan, and Peanut Butter Herijuana.  


The addition of the high altitude Himalayan genetics from the Korengal region provide a clear-headed and positive oriented vibe that helps to alleviate the depressive state of mind that so often accompanies illness and debility.  


Master Medica works very well for stomach ailments; with its original target being management of Crohn’s disease symptoms.  However, this also makes it an excellent choice for those undergoing cancer treatment as it works quite well at reducing the significant gastric distress these treatments are known to cause. In simple terms; appetite is improved, nausea is suppressed, and stomach cramping is calmed.  Further; body aches and pains are diminished, headaches are quelled, and worries are whisked away in just a few puffs.  


Migraine sufferers have also reported excellent results in using Master Medica as an herbal medicine to combat their painful and debilitating symptoms of severe headaches, nausea, and extreme discomfort. 


These healing and soothing effects are augmented significantly when Master Medica is processed first into hash, and then info edible form using the hash concentrate to infuse butter or coconut oil for baked goodies.  This also significantly increases the potency of its exceptional pain relieving qualities. 


For some individuals, Master Medica has been shown to create a broncho/vasodilation effect.  Airways are opened up and blood flow to the extremities is enhanced, giving a warm-all-over feeling.  This novel outcome combined with its profound mental relaxation and dopamine boosting euphoria makes Master Medica a potent aphrodisiac that not only puts you in the mood but enhances sensual stimulation and sexual performance as well.  


As you can see, Master Medica is a powerful tonic for what ails you. 


Growing Tips:  

Growing Master Medica is largely trouble free due to its exceptional vigour and robust genetic makeup.  However, a couple of recommendations would be to allow your medium to dry out between waterings, as well as to keep your humidity down, especially in the later half of flowering.  The Afghani genes in Master Medica are adapted to a very arid environment and do not take kindly to the warm and humid tropical conditions that many favour in their climate controlled grow tents.  Excess humidity and moisture in your growing medium will result in stunted growth, lack of terpene and resin production, and a proclivity for mold and mildew to set in.  


Other recommendations would be to top and train Master Medica in a horizontal trellis to increase yield potential, as well as grow in organic soil with adequate sulphur inputs to maximize terpene production.  


Since Master Medica was bred and developed using only organic methods in our proprietary soil blend, it will benefit greatly from rich compost or earth worm casting top dressings, along with occasional applications of molasses, epsom salts, and microbially diverse aerated compost teas.

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