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High CBD Cannabis - The Pros and Cons: A Truthful Account From A Medical Cannabis User and Breeder

Part 8 - Pro: Helping Children with Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders

I know this is an area of serious contention and I do not, under any circumstances, suggest giving your child Cannabis without first researching it thoroughly and then doing so only under the guidance of a qualified and properly educated physician (preferably a Naturopathic Doctor). Even still, it's probably very illegal for you to do so. That being said, you should be aware that there are people who have made the decision to proceed with this form of treatment for their child in need.

Usually in moments of complete desperation, when their child is sick and conventional medicine just isn’t working, a handful of parents have turned to high CBD ingestible Cannabis products in a last ditch effort to help their suffering child.

The results being reported in these unique cases are quite amazing. Most famously, high CBD is showing incredible effectiveness in treating Epilepsy, like the case of Charlotte Figi, who has become somewhat of the poster child for high CBD Cannabis and the strain Charlotte’s Web. Her parents report that high CBD Cannabis extracts have nearly eradicated her hundreds of monthly seizures.

In cases of autism, severe ADHD, and other distressing illnesses that are resistant to mainstream medical treatment, many parents are reporting dramatic and even miraculous results with high CBD Cannabis extracts.

A quick search on YouTube and you’ll be able to watch, first hand, videos of parents giving high CBD Cannabis oil to their autistic children or children with severe ADHD, and the dramatic positive effect it has on the behaviour of their child.

With enhanced CBD Cannabis there is no psychoactive high as the CBD blocks the potently psychoactive THC molecule from binding to receptors. However, there is still a very marked effect on the brain and central nervous system. The photo featured in this post is an extremely high CBD phenotype of a variety called Dancehall that I recently harvested (after 18 weeks of flowering, waaaay past their estimated flowering time of 60-70 days - Jeeziz!) that clocked in at over 20% CBD and around 2% THC. Smoking an entire joint of this bud leaves you relaxed and calm but with absolutely no inebriating effects whatsoever. All of your faculties remain completely intact, and there is no euphoria or high. This is exactly the type of strain that would be suitable for treating young children (as well as pets).

On a side note; I have since begun working these genetics into our Romulan strain to bring down the flowering time and to enhance the medicinal qualities of Dancehall while drastically increasing the ease of growth.

If you have a child who you think could be helped by the use of high CBD Cannabis, please do your research and investigate for yourself the incredible healing properties of CBD enriched Cannabis strains.

So this concludes my 8 part series on the pros and cons of high CBD Cannabis. I hope this information is useful in helping you decide what strains to grow in your garden, be it high CBD, high THC, or better yet, a bit of both.

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