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New Strain: StarTropic CBD

Lucky 13 Seed Company New Seed Announcement: StarTropic CBD

At Lucky 13 Seeds one of our top priorities has always been developing easy to grow strains with exceptional medicinal quality for the home grower.

Over the past last few years we’ve spent countless hours testing and working with numerous high CBD varieties in an effort to work out the many shortcomings of these cultivars and bring to market a CBD dominant strain with outstanding medicinal value.

Finally we are proud to announce the arrival of StarTropic CBD, a high yielding, easy to grow CBD dominant strain with tropical fruit flavours and outstanding medicinal value.

But it hasn’t been easy.

A great many high CBD strains are plagued with horrendous quality control problems; ranging from extremely long flowering times (over 16 weeks for some varieties), pathetic yields, terrible flavour, disease susceptibility, slow growth, and genetic instability resulting in very high rates of hermaphroditism.

To remedy these ills, we grew out a massive selection of the most popular high CBD strains available, selecting only the absolute best CBD dominant female in the crop (which is derived from the famous Cannatonic line) to be mated with our prized Romulan male.

The resulting F1 offspring were then put through stringent testing over multiple growth cycles to ensure we effectively weeded out the instability and weak traits of other high CBD lines.

StarTropic CBD grows extremely fast and strong thanks to it's hybrid vigour and having never been feminized. It clones with ease (we’ve had cuttings root just sitting in a glass of water on a windowsill) and will fill a large container of soil with a thick web of roots in under two weeks.

Every StarTropic CBD female provides top shelf medicinal quality. From migraines and nausea, to muscle and nerve pain, to anxiety and panic disorder; each pack of StarTropic CBD will provide you with a wide range of symptom management.

Phenotypes of Startropic CBD express in 3 main distinctions:

50% of the females will grow in a highly Sativa structure, flowering to completion in 10 weeks with a 4:1 CBD to THC ratio and exotic tropical aromas of mango, guava and grapefruit. This phenotype is excellent for daytime use as it produces a very alert yet soothing effect with amazing anti-anxiety properties and a completely clear-headed experience.

25% of females will display a slightly more hybrid profile with a shorter stature, a lemon-citrus dominant nose and equal 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. This phenotype provides a more pain relieving effect as well as appetite stimulation and nausea suppression with zero anxiety or paranoia.

The remaining 25% of phenotypes lean more to the Romulan genetics with a short bushy structure and a fast flowering time of 8 weeks typical of it’s Indica heritage. A perfume of lemon and pine terpenes dominates the bouquet, with THC dominating the chemical composition of this plant with a 2:1 THC to CBD ratio.

This phenotype provides a very powerful body stone and excellent pain relieving and sedation qualities, making it an excellent choice for nighttime use or when a more potent medicinal intervention is required.

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