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A Woman's Touch: Part 4

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Model and adult film star, Sky Pierce (Instagram: @skypierce_) puffing on some Skystone

Cannabis and sex? Yes please.

Studies have shown that cannabis interacts with female sexual desire and pleasure in a much more profound way than men. It could be due to a greater concentration of endocannabinoid receptors in female genitalia, resulting in heightened sexual response via increases in blood flow, or it could be that cannabis is more effective at reducing stress and anxiety in women, which are powerful inhibitors of female sexual desire.

Whatever the reason, it has been demonstrated in clinical studies on multiple occasions that cannabis improves sexual response in women more dramatically than in men.

So what are my top sexy strain recommendations for women?

First and foremost, Love Bud. Love Bud came to us from a friend in California who obtained a cut called “LA Porn Star Kush” from a medical club in Venice Beach back in the day. The story goes that this strain was particularly popular among female adult film stars due to it’s aphrodisiac qualities. Since it was impossible to get a clone of this plant across the border into Canada, he feminized it and sent me some seeds in the mail, which I then crossed with Angel ’98; an LA Confidential and Pre-98 Bubba Kush combo that is known to produce a luxurious and blissful body feeling.

The result is an indica leaning hybrid that totally and completely dissolves stress and anxiety while greatly enhancing tactile stimulation and blood flow to all the important areas. Love Bud creates a melty and euphoric experience while pumping up the kundalini and charging the root and sacral chakras. If you’re sensitive enough, while medicated on Love Bud and sitting on the grass, you may feel a strong grounding sensation like a magnet pulling on your sacrum from the earth. Try it out!

Next on our list of sexy strains for you pleasure seekers is Skystone. This seductive indica comes from a triple crossing of three landrace or heirloom Afghani varieties from the land of legendary hash plants. Skystone is a highly pleasurable strain that pulses your body with waves of warm blissful energy that melts away tension and focuses the mind into an ecstatic vibration.

And last but not least is Jamaican Vacation. Loaded with fruity and tropical terpenes that delight the olfactory senses, this is a combination of the powerful sativa-leaning hybrid Island Sweet Skunk, and the short flowering Caribbean sativa, Jamaican Dream. This is an exceptionally strong strain that is heady and electric but with a surprisingly potent body effect that relaxes and soothes all your aching muscles. It has a distinct “Island Vibe” in that it melts away worry and puts you in that loving mood without causing any anxiety or racy effects that are common in sativa dominant strains. Not only wonderful for sex, Jamaican Vacation has been shown to be a powerful yoga enhancing tool for those of you ladies who like a smokey stretch.

Professor Sprout

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