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Jamaican Vacation

Jamaican Vacation, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Jamaican Vacation

Genetics: Jamaican Dream x Island Sweet Skunk

Variety: 80% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9-10 Weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: Very High

More Information:  Jamaican Vacation provides an old-school sativa high without the long flowering times and airy buds typical of tropical cannabis cultivars. We combined our award-winning Island Sweet Skunk with a gorgeous pure Jamaican sativa to help us add greater bud density and an even fruitier flavour profile to the ISS’s already mouthwatering bouquet. Amazing resin output begins nearly immediately after flowering is initiated and continues to build all the way through to harvest time. Jamaican Vacation is extremely potent with a happy and up-beat high reminiscent of a pure Haze or Thai sativa, with a fraction of the flowering time and exponentially improved bag appeal. Close your eyes, take a puff, and be transported to paradise.

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