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Skystone, Lucky 13 SeedsNEW.jpg


Genetics:  Lapis Mountain Indica x Purple Afghan Kush

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  8 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  A show-stopping beauty of an indica that produces gorgeous purple buds when ripened in cooler temperatures. Skystone has a very unique scent that is unlike any other cannabis we’ve ever grown; fruity with berry-like aromas and minty while at the same time chocolatey and hashy - however you’d describe it, it’s goddamn delicious! She produces high levels of CBD and is an excellent strain for those who want a very relaxing and body-melting stone with no heart racing or paranoia side-effects. Excellent for listening to music, meditating, and late night sessions.

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