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White Russian - Big Yields, Big High

White Russian is a classic strain from the mid-90’s that won back to back cannabis cups in 1996 and 1997. Combining the crippling potency of the legendary AK-47 strain with the monster of resin production, White Widow; it’s easy to see how this beauty became an instant legend.

White Russian Lucky 13 Seeds

Back when Lucky 13 seeds was still in it’s infancy, I had a chance to sample some of the original White Russian and was blown away by it’s sheer power and complete lack of ceiling. The more you smoked, the higher you got. But more than just pure power, White Russian revealed itself as serious medicinal herb.

The extremely high THC levels (22% is not uncommon) works wonders on pain and neurological disorders, with relief arriving in just seconds after your first puff. And in many cases, one puff is all you’ll need.

What I hadn’t expected when recreating this legend was the sheer magnitude of the yields. While it was well known that White Russian put up impressive numbers on the harvest scales, the size and weight of the buds was almost unbelievable.

Giant baseball sized flowers that never stopped swelling demanded heavy support lest they snapped their own branches. Fresh new flushes of white pistils kept coming week after week, stacking calyxes upon calyxes until you finally just had to pull the trigger and harvest before things out of control.

If you’re looking for potency, yield, and ease of growth then look no further than White Russian; a legend that more than lives up to the hype.

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