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Top Three Cannabis Strains for Treating Nausea and Loss of Appetite 

In my search for the ultimate Cannabis strains to treat nausea and loss of appetite I have grown and tested over 100 different varieties of marijuana.  When I began my research, there were no dispensaries or compassion clubs within 300 miles of where I lived, so I didn’t have the luxury of being able to walk into a pot shop and sample the various offerings they had available.

At the time the only legally available government weed was of horrendous quality, low potency, and did absolutely nothing for my stomach problems.  The only other two options I had were the black market, and obtaining seeds and growing my own.  Street weed wasn't an option for me due to the constant risk of pesticides and other chemical contaminants; not to mention you never new exactly what strain you were getting.  Dealers would (and still do) sell the same type of marijuana under whatever name is popular at that moment, making getting a consistent and effective supply a complete crap shoot.

Early on I decided I would need to do some research, source my own seeds, and grow my own organic cannabis buds that I could be sure were contaminant free.  It was a long and difficult process, but I knew the knowledge I would gain would not only help me, but many other medical marijuana patients who were suffering with debilitating nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss.

The following strains are some of the absolute best medical marijuana strains I’ve found for treating chronic nausea and loss of appetite.

1. Angel ‘98

Angel ’98 is a hybrid of my own design, created to be the ultimate cannabis variety for loss of appetite and nausea.  She’s a cross between the legendary Pre-’98 Bubba Kush, and a classic Californian strain, LA Confidential.  I found both of these plants to be amazingly effective at stopping nausea and stimulating appetite.  I simply had to combine these two genetic lines to see what effect their offspring would reveal.  As I had hoped, the sum was greater than the parts, as Angel ’98 turned out to be a remarkable plant.

Not only does Angel ’98 grow faster and stronger then either of the parent plants and yield nearly 200% more bud, but she also has a profound pain relieving effect coupled with unparalleled nausea suppression and muscle relaxation.  Angel ‘98 is also highly sedative, so she is a godsend for folks suffering from insomnia.

2. Romulan

An absolute marvel of a plant, Romulan has been around the British Columbia area for a very long time.  Rumour has it that it was brought to Vancouver by Vietnam draft dodgers in the late 60’s.  So-called for the feeling it creates of ridges growing on your forehead when you first smoke it (like the Romulans from Star-Trek). Yogis have described this feeling as the 3rd eye opening and expanding, and I can attest to that fact that Romulan is a tremendous meditation aid; allowing you to focus inward and be more present in the moment.

Romulan has been a miracle plant for me on many occasions when I’ve been in severe stomach distress from Crohn’s disease.  It works very fast, usually kicking in within just a few minutes, and suppresses nausea better than anything else I’ve tried.  However, it won’t make you uncontrollably hungry, so it is a good choice when you want nausea suppression without excessive appetite stimulation.   It also proven itself amazingly effective for headaches and migraines as well.  I have also been told by trusted sources that it can stop a hangover dead in it’s tracks and even prevent one if taken prophylactically before a night of drinking.

3. Lucky OG Kush

By far the most munchie-inducing plant I’ve ever grown.  Lucky OG Kush is my go-to strain for stimulating appetite when I just don’t feel like eating.  A very potent plant, Lucky OG should be taken in very small doses for the uninitiated, otherwise you may find yourself involuntarily glued to the couch from it’s powerful muscle relaxing effects.

I have found that when I smoke Lucky OG Kush it takes about half an hour to stop my nausea, which isn’t bad, but not quite as fast as Romulan or Angel ‘98.  However, the appetite stimulation of Lucky OG far surpasses the others.  In fact, Lucky OG Kush can make you absolutely ravenous, which can be a godsend if you’re undergoing chemotherapy and have completely lost your appetite, but not so helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.  It also noticeably enhances the flavor of certain foods, and tends to make you crave healthy, natural foods as opposed to sugary junk foods.  Without fail, every time I medicate with Lucky OG Kush I get intense cravings for a local sushi restaurant’s raw salmon roll.  It is becoming a problem.

-Professor Sprout

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