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Blending Lighting Spectrums For Optimal Growth

Why bother picking sides on the HPS vs LED debate? Each light source has it’s advantages and by using both you will achieve extremely healthy and lush growth with optimal cannabinoid production.

These Pink Flamingo babies are basking in the glow of 100 watts of LED and 300 watts of High Pressure Sodium rays.

LEDs alone would not provide enough heat in this tent to bring the canopy temperature into the ideal range, and a 600 watt HPS would be too hot. By dimming the HPS and added the LED panel it’s just right.

An added benefit of using multiple light sources is the enhanced coverage you’ll achieve over one centrally hung lamp.

Any light you use will suffer from a significant drop off in intensity on the periphery, so by hanging multiple lamps you’ll get a nice even light coverage over your entire canopy with less watts used.

I also shuffle the plants around when I water to ensure they all get equal time directly under each lamp.

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