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Professor Sprout's Black Gold Bud Booster

You don't need to shell out a fortune on bottled nutrients to make your own completely organic bud booster. This simple recipe uses cheap ingredients that dramatically boost terpene and resin production, bud size, nutrient availability, stress resistance, and overall plant health.

Greasy bud grown with Professor Sprout's Organic Soil Mix and Black Gold Bud Booster

This cocktail will not burn, so you can use it as often as you like; but we generally use this once every two weeks and then taper off around week 6 of bloom. When combined with Professor Sprout's Organic Soil Mix, this provides a one-two punch that produces some of the stickiest, most pungent and potent bud imaginable.


To 1 gallon of warm filtered un-chlorinated water add:

1 tsp Fulvic Acid concentrate

1 tsp Humic Acid concentrate

1 tsp Soluble Kelp

1 tsp Epsom Salts

1/4 tsp microbial power w/ Endo+Ectomycorrhizae, Trichoderma, and Beneficial Bacteria

1 tbsp Molasses

Mix well to ensure everything is dissolved. Dilute this mixture into 5 gallons of filtered un-chlorinated water. Aerate for 24 hours and then apply as a root drench.

Note: Although we won't get paid shit for mentioning this, all of these ingredients except the molasses and Epsom salts were sourced from

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