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New Strain Release: LAX

Genetics: LA Confidential BX1 Variety: 100% Indica Avg. Flowering Time: 7-8 Weeks Yield: Medium Potency: High More Information: LAX is our LA Confidential BX1 preservation project aimed at locking down the LA Confidential in non-feminized seed before it becomes lost to time. All of LA Confidential’s traits of indica legend are displayed here in spectacular form with greatly improved vim and vigour. Our pollen donor comes in the form of an exceptionally colourful and resinous male selected from our Laughing Lion line (LA Confidential x Chem ’91) which itself is heavily influenced by the LA Confidential thanks to its remarkably dominant genes. DNA’s LA Confidential (no longer available in regular seed form, and nearly impossible to find in feminized seed) was obtained for the mother, producing offspring that are a dead ringer for the LA mom.

This is your quintessential indica with profound medicinal value reminiscent of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Deep Chunk, but dare we say, even better. Side branching is virtually non-existent unless topped and heavily trained, with fan leaves that splay out like enormous solar panels. Growth is short and squat, with only moderate stretch, and resin remains close to the buds but is produced in copious quantities. Trichome heads fall readily from the stalk making this a hash makers delight, with terpenes that fill the air with rich aromas of chocolate, coffee, and hashish. Expect all phenotypes to transform from deep luscious green into dark purples in the last week or two of ripening, with a dramatic increase in yield, aroma, and colouration right at the finish line. LAX is a must-have strain for medical users thanks to it’s profound effect on pain, anxiety, nausea, and insomnia.

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