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New Strain! Blood, Milk & Sky; an OG Kush Dominant Cultivar for Short Season Outdoor Growers

Blood, Milk & Sky: A brand new OG Kush for outdoor Canadian and short season growers.

OG Kush is one of those strains that just never seems to get old. The potency, effect, and aroma of a true OG is just so hard to beat. Unfortunately if you live anywhere other than the perfect cannabis growing climate that is Northern California, you’re going to run into problems growing nearly all OG Kush cultivars outdoors.

Scorching heat, rapid temperature swings, cold evenings, and early frost makes growing OG Kush outdoors in Canada an absolute nightmare . Blood, Milk, & Sky makes it possible to enjoy outdoor, organically grown OG a possibility for those of us who live in harsh environments.

In order to satisfy our cravings for a really great sun grown OG, we locked down a standout phenotype from Night Owl Seeds Milk and Qookies line that was very reminiscent of a classic California OG but in a super-fast flowering and compact package.

Our tried and true Red Blood OG Kush breeding stud from our Lucky OG Kush line (now confirmed to have descended from the legendary San Fernando Valley OG) was used as the pollen donor.

Red Blood OG Kush
"Red Blood" Lucky OG Kush, an SFV OG Phenotype fathered our new Blood, Milk, & Sky strain.

Next, we grew out 108 plants from the F1 generation and began our selection process to nail down all the classic OG phenotypes that began flowering mid-summer.

108 Blood, Milk, & Sky seedlings. Large selection numbers are crucial for breeding exceptional outdoor Cannabis strains for those with short growing seasons.

From this batch of early flowering OG dominant expressions we eliminated anything susceptible to bud rot, mildew, or pests, as well as discarded all slow growing and lacklustre plants. Anything that didn’t impress with exceptional resin, aroma, and yield were composted to make room for the truly exceptional specimens.

At this stage we begin to thin the herd by pulling any runts, deformed, slow growing, or otherwise poor performing seedlings. We only want the absolute strongest phenotypes that can stand up to an unpredictable environment.

Ultimately, four outstanding females were selected for the breeding pool that exhibited extremely resinous buds with heavy yields and strong, sturdy structure that would support the weight of the hefty buds in wet or windy conditions.

Blood, Milk & Sky improves the notoriously lanky and weak-stemmed OG Kush structure making it possible to withstand the elements and stand upright even under the heft of her weighty buds.

Aromas of the final females selected all consisted of earthy coffee and classic kush notes with a hint of cookie dough coming through from the Milk and Qookies mother. The three heaviest yielding males (with regard to pollen load) that demonstrated early flowering initiation and resinous flower clusters were chosen to contribute their chromosomes. Finally, seeds were ripened outdoors under natural conditions in the challenging Canadian climate.

Blood, Milk & Sky stacking heavily as harvest approaches in early September.

Due to being bred and selected without ever seeing the indoors; Blood, Milk, and Sky is intended strictly for outdoor growers with short seasons or those looking to stagger harvest windows with some earlier finishing plants.

The thin-fingered leaflets of Blood, Milk & Sky allow exceptional airflow which dramatically reduces the incidences of mold and mildew.

Expect OG Kush quality flowers with exceptional resin production that stays gooey even in harsh environmental conditions. Structure is much tighter than the traditional lanky and stretchy OG Kush varietals with massively improved stem strength, while still allowing adequate internode spacing for excellent airflow and modern golfball-style bud development and top shelf bag appeal.

A chunky BMS main cola hitting her stride while the weather is still pleasant and growing conditions optimal.

Left to grow naturally, BMS will form efficient Christmas tree structured plants with heavy satellite branching and a bulky central cola. Topping and spreading the canopy is suggested if you live in an area with heavy rainfall.

Flowering begins early to mid July dependant on your initial planting date (earlier is better) which will bring you to peak ripeness around the middle of September or earlier.

As with many OG Kush strains, yields bulk up considerably in the final few weeks, so resist the urge to chop early unless absolutely necessary. You’ll know when it’s time to harvest as the stigmas will have all retracted into the buds and the bracts will have swollen considerably.

Blood, Milk & Sky bud smelling like coffee, kush, and cookie dough.

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