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How to remove plants from fabric pots

Fabric pots have many advantages over plastic nursery containers such as enhanced root zone oxygenation, resistance to overwatering, and cooler root zone temperatures in hot outdoor climates.

However, I’ve been seeing a somewhat concerning trend of people treating these containers as disposable; cutting them off to remove the plant and throwing away the container.

This is wasteful and unnecessary.

Simply lie the plant on its side and run and bamboo stake up an down between the fabric and the root ball to dislodge it from the container.

You then grip the bottom sides of the container and push the bottom of the plant up with your thumbs like a push pop.

If you have a strong root ball the slight damage it receives won’t harm the plant at all and will, in fact, stimulate enhanced root growth when placed in fresh soil.

You can then rinse your fabric pot out with a garden hose and reuse it for many more grows.

Mother Earth: 1 - Landfill: 0

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