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Himalayan Blue Hash - Big Yields and Big Extracts

For those looking for a monster plant that delivers rock hard and resin saturated nuggets along with ass-kicking potency, Lucky 13 Seed Company’s Himalayan Blue Hash is your go-to girl.

HBH is a three way cross of Blueberry, Hashplant, and our own unique Himalayan landrace “Korengal Kush”. She yields extremely well and produces copious quantities of resin with very little variation between phenotypes.

Definitely a boon for cash croppers and commercial growers of all kinds, she will tolerate heavy nutrient levels and will reward you with extremely dense buds that swell impressively in just 9 weeks. Normally buds of this size are prone to rot, but we’ve found Himalayan Blue Hash to be very resistant to “The Three M’s” (mold, mildew and mites) due to her hardy Himalayan genetics. Just be sure to follow proper plant hygiene and make sure your environmental controls are on point.

HBH plants branch nicely and have excellent internode spacing which allows unhindered bud development while keeping plenty of airflow around the stacks of impressive flowers. She will almost double in size during the bloom period owing to her impressive hybrid vigour so be sure to take this into account when planning your grow. Give her lots of root space and feed her well to take full advantage of her explosive growth rate.

This impressive strain has a mild and sweet aroma with a distinct fruitiness imparted by the Blueberry genetics. Proper curing procedures lead to a very stealthy but pleasant berry-anise flavour with minimal skunkiness that makes her a great choice for people looking to keep their gardens and stash secure from prying noses.

Extract artists will immediately fall in love with Himalayan Blue Hash and astonishing yields of high potency golden-blonde resin. We’ve achieved over 23% resin extraction using a commercially available rosin press!  As many dabbers know, this is the least efficient method when it comes to yields, so expect more than 30% return when using solvent extraction procedures.

When it comes to effect, HBH comes on strong and fast. The high is extremely pleasant and trance-inducing yet very stimulating. This is an excellent hybrid for those who need to keep active and can’t afford to be sedated while medicated. She does make you want to get up and do things so this strain is better served to daytime use unless you’ve got some partying to do.

Appetite stimulation is very minimal and in many cases somewhat suppressed making this excellent cannabis for anyone watching their waistline and trying to avoid the munchies.

Some notes on special phenotypes: While extremely consistent with only minor variation across the phenotypes, Himalayan Blue Hash does express two unique phenos that pop of from time to time.

The first is a more Indica expression with high CBD levels. This one is easily identified by a much shorter stature with very little flowering stretch compared to the main phenotype. The buds tend to have a more round shape and the effect is less heady with a more pronounced body stone.

The second is a distinctly mutant phenotype with very skinny leaves and a much slower growth rate. This particular phenotype often demonstrates twisted and crinkled leaves and what looks like magnesium deficiency. However, given some extra TLC and patience, these finicky growth habits tend to iron out in the bloom phase and give way to a massive yielding sativa-dominant plant with accelerated resin development and absolutely mind-bending potency.

Happy hunting!

-Professor Sprout

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