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NEW STRAIN: Hawaiian Puff

Being a wizarding herb enthusiast doesn’t leave a lot of time for travel, but when the mood strikes, Professor Sprout heads straight for the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, to a town called Hanalei.

Overlooking the taro fields of Hanalei

And while I’ve yet to catch a glimpse of the legendary magic dragon for myself, the mystical energy in this enchanted land is most certainly real. Paired with our sacred herb, the experiences in this paradise become transcendental.

Upon returning home to the castle, I found myself longing for the positive vibes and serenity I experienced in Hanalei and found myself inspired to conjure up a nice Hawaiian sativa.

Sadly, many legendary Hawaiian strains have fallen by the wayside to make room for more modern and forgiving cannabis hybrids with shorter flowering times and larger, denser yields. The now defunct Federation Seeds’ “Hawaiian Sativa” is nowhere to be found these days, and many other strains claiming true Hawaiian pedigree are of questionable lineage. Most are probably re-branded tropical sativas hailing from other locales.

The perfect location to indulge in a nice tropical sativa

But all is not lost! The magical Hawaiian cannabis genes live on in hybrids such as Barney’s Farm G13 Haze , BC Bud Depot’s God Bud, and Jordan of the Islands Blue Hawaiian Sativa; all excellent strains which I’ve personally grown and enjoyed thoroughly. But I was looking for a more unadulterated, truly Hawaiian experience than what these hybrids offer.

I was given a God Bud clone (the actual cannabis cup winning clone) many years ago, and set to pollenating her with a mix of hybrids that also had Hawaiian genetics in their makeup. The offspring were then thinned out heavily, keeping only the most Hawaiian phenotypes in the group, and then crossing these again. This was done over multiple generations, each time focusing on bringing back to life the true Hawaiian experience.

After all that hard work, I am proud to present…Hawaiian Puff!

Hawaiian Puff, the new Hawaiian Sativa

Hawaiian Puff is a gorgeous and extremely vigorous plant that will grow to large proportions in even modest sized containers. She fills the air with exotic aromas of berry, anise and sweet hash; and produces copious quantities of resin (sometimes purple resin) that lead to absolutely mouth watering extracts with intoxicating terpene profiles. Her enticing display of vibrant green, lavender and indigo hues tempt the eyes as well as the palette.

Purple resin from trimming some extra sticky Hawaiian Puff

Her high is profoundly relaxing and enchanting while still being active and amplifying the senses; perfect for a sun-drenched day at the beach and a walk along the ocean with someone special before dinner and dancing. Regular tokens may find themselves needing only a puff or two to propel them into the misty mountains of magical Hanalei for hours.

Juicy Hawaiian Puff colas ready to harvest

Medicinal Effects

NOTE: This section is based on anecdotal reports from medical marijuana patients and is not to be taken as medical advice.

While still early days in testing, Hawaiian Puff is showing promise for people with anxiety and depressive issues due to it’s calm but very happy nature. While sativas can be extremely overstimulating, Hawaiian Puff doesn’t seem to produce a heart racing effect like many strong sativas can and could be a good option for someone wanting a non-sedating and active sativa with a reduced risk of anxiety. Appetite stimulation is also a frequently reported effect as well as general pain reduction with encouraging effectiveness in dealing with headaches of all types.

Lucky 13 Seed Company's Hawaiian Puff is a true tropical sativa with a punch

Grower’s Notes

Hawaiian Puff prefers a well-balanced organic soil and lots of root space. She will grow very big, very quickly, with most phenotypes almost doubling in height during the flowering stage. She likes slightly higher humidity during veg and early flowering, but past week three of bloom you’ll want to keep humidity low to avoid mould issues.

Hawaiian Puff simply oozes with resin

Keep the lighting spectrum well balanced (remember this is a tropical sativa, so extra blue-spectrum light from a metal halide bulb only makes things better) and if at all possible give her some natural sunlight to bring out those much sought after pink pistils. If you do chose to grow outdoors, keep a close eye on Hawaiian Puff when she’s in the later flowering period. She can produce enormous buds if given the right conditions and you won’t want to lose any of those big tasty colas to rot.

Don't let high humidity get the best of your giant Hawaiian Puff colas

Flowering time averages eleven weeks and if you lower temperatures in the final phase of ripening you will be rewarded with an absolutely gorgeous rainbow of colours.

You're sure to find a gorgeous specimen in every pack of Lucky 13 Seed Company's Hawaiian Puff

SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW: Get a FREE 3-Seed pack of Hawaiian Puff with every seed orderfrom now until supplies run out. Only available at Lucky 13 Seeds.

Hawaiian Puff is an excellent candidate for high-yield extracts

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Chris Stavropoulos
Chris Stavropoulos
Apr 12, 2021

Do you use 13 hr days with long flowering tropical sativas? I'm sprouting hawaiian puff atm. Does she like to be topped? Is she a light feeder?

Unknown member
Dec 03, 2022
Replying to

Very light feeder, one feeding of half the recommended nutes will cause a lil nute

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