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High CBD Cannabis - The Pros and Cons: A Truthful Account From A Medical Cannabis User and Breeder

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Part 6 - Pro: Treating Sick Pets

If you frequent this blog, you may have read my account of the trauma my wife and I recently endured of losing our beloved dog Molly to severe and sudden illness. I’ll warn you, if you love animals as much as I do it’s a tough read, but I do provide a recipe for cannabis infused butter for pets, and if you are in need of that information it could be a lifesaver for your fur baby.

The gist of the story is this: Molly was our little wiener dog and she only weighed about 15lbs. She was in incredible pain during her final days and needed relief that was not being provided by the most potent pain medications the vet could give her. I knew Cannabis could provide her some comfort, but given her tiny size I was absolutely terrified of overdosing her with THC and causing her further harm. Thankfully I had just harvested some high CBD Cannabis that had virtually no psychoactive effect.

I went to work at making her a special batch of Cannabis infused butter. As needed, I would rub a measured amount of this butter on the roof of her mouth (at this point she had no interest in eating so this method worked well) and within an hour or two her pain and discomfort would diminish dramatically. In fact, she would remain considerably more relaxed for many hours afterwards.

If for no other reason than this, I am immeasurably grateful that high CBD Cannabis exists. It made my pup’s final days so much more bearable, and I just don’t believe this would have been possible with traditional cannabis.

Please please please do not give your pets high THC cannabis edibles. It is simply far too easy to accidentally overdose them and cause them great distress. If your dog is in severe pain and you are considering giving them high CBD Cannabis edibles, then please go here and read the instructions I give for proper micro-dosing high CBD Cannabis for dogs.

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