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Grow a Goddess In Your Garden

Living in British Columbia has some distinct advantages if you are a cannabis enthusiast. One of those advantages is access to some of the most world renowned strains. Due to the very large (and surprisingly friendly) underground culture here, there is a massive network of growers that support each other. As a result, elite clones that would be coveted and hoarded anywhere else on the planet are passed around in BC like the proverbial “Dutchie.”

As a result of this generosity, I obtained a clone of a very elite commercial strain called Green Crack (so named for it’s explosive growth rate) that tasted like mangos and hit like an absolute hammer. At the time there were warehouses full of this plant all over BC, and as such the local market had become somewhat tired of it (I know, BC problems right). But instead of tossing these gorgeous genetics aside, I decided to inject some new life into them by way of mating the Green Crack with our delicious Peanut Butter Herijuana, and then crossing this into our special heirloom genetics from Korengal Kush.

This three-way combo allowed the sheer power of the Green Crack to shine, while maintaining the ultra-dense, golf ball like buds (which are commercially demanded in BC) to remain intact. By adding the Himalayan genes from Korengal Kush, the already speedy growth rate was amplified, while adding significant mold, mildew, and spider mite resistance, which is essential for massive commercial operations.

So if you’re searching for a new prized lady for your garden, look no further than Green Goddess. She’ll deliver ease and speed of growth, dense Indica buds of elite quality, and excellent commercial viability.

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