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get sky high with skystone

A completely pure, 100% Afghani hash plant, Skystone is meant for the Indica purist. While typical Afghani hashish plants are not thought of as very flavourful or pretty, this is where Skystone breaks the mold with its gorgeous display of deep purples, blues, and blacks, with the aromas of blackberry, chocolate, and mint.

At the time I created Skystone I was personally dealing with very severe symptoms of Crohn’s disease. On top of the pain and nausea that was almost constant, I was also served with a healthy dose of anxiety and panic attacks. Not a fun time, to be sure.

I had a fellow grower/breeder friend in LA at the time that was a collector of rare Indica strains. He told me about these seeds he obtained for a strain called Lapis Mountain Indica from a seed company that is sadly now defunct. The description he was given was that these seeds were obtained directly from an Afghani hashish farmer and smuggled back into North America where they were then crossed with Deep Chunk. He was convinced this was the holy grail of relief for his anxiety and back pain symptoms and insisted on sending me some seeds he had produced to see if they would help me with my health concerns.

Long story short, I grew them out, and ended up with 8 females, most of which leaned heavily towards the Deep Chunk genetics. However a trio of these females stood taller than the rest with deep purple leaves and gorgeous multicoloured buds. But more importantly, the medicine from these plants was profound! They significantly calmed my anxiety and completely obliterated my insomnia. However I didn’t find much relief from my stomach pain and nausea. But this gave me an idea.

I took a male Purple Afghan Kush I had at the time. This particular genetic line was excellent for my stomach pain and nausea, but was simply too powerful for my weak tolerance and would often trigger panic attacks. I figured coupling this with the calming effect of the Lapis could be a game changer for me, and it certainly was.

Skytone maintains all of the gorgeous coloration of it’s mother, along with it’s profound relaxing effects and delicious aroma. The Purple Afghan Kush father, as expected, brings the medicinal magic of it’s own lineage to the table. It calms stomach cramping and nausea, enhances appetite, improves sleep, and numbs pain. And it does it all with a short flowering time and heavy yields to boot.

Skystone ticks all the boxes for those Indica connoisseurs who are looking for big yields, bag appeal, gorgeous aromas and flavours, and powerful medicine without any anxiety or paranoia.

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