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Deep Chunk

Tom Hill’s Deep Chunk is one of those enigmatic pure Indicas that you don’t see around much anymore. It has some of the most unique expressions of hash plant genetics that you’ll come across in the cannabis world. Some phenotypes of Deep Chunk don’t even really develop buds, just layer upon later of resin drenched leaf - an absolute glory for all you hash fiends out there.

Outdoors is where Deep Chunk really shines. It needs those UV rays and plenty of bright sunlight to truly reveal its hidden talents. The fan leaf seen in the photo above was the size of a large hubcap, and when fully grown outdoors with plenty of sun and organic soil to dig into, this monster can look like something straight out of Jurassic Park.

While genuine Deep Chunk is somewhat finicky to grow indoors, it breeds true for many of its awe inspiring traits, making it an excellent breeding tool for imparting ludicrous amounts of resin and outrageously funky aromas into hybrids. The two main terpene profiles that emanate from Deep Chunk are what I refer to as a “hashy cherry berry”, and pure skunk funk topped with grilled sweet onions.

We used this latter stinky version as the backcrossing companion to our BC Roadkill Skunk clone due to its absolutely unstoppable pungent skunk aroma that refuses to be subdued by carbon filters. Our resurrection of the infamous RKS was made possible by subsequently taking the male from our BC RKS x Deep Chunk crossing and using that pollen to fertilize the female clone. This was then repeated twice more until we had successfully established an exact copy of the BC Roadkill Skunk clone in seed form (seen in the video above) without losing any of the legendary stench or potency. The only visible hints of the Deep Chunk genes lurking in this strain are the purple hues seen in some of the uppermost fan leaves of this skunky lady.

But if the smell of a dead skunk isn't exactly your bag, there's no reason you too can't enjoy the mutant-like resin production and body tingling effect of Deep Chunk. We distilled the sweeter side of the Deep Chunk genetic spectrum down into a number of our heavy hitting Indicas and hybrids such as Chocolate Indica (currently sold out) along with our Skystone, Chocolate Girl Guide Cookies #2, Black Rose Indica, and Showgirl.

Professor Sprout

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Derek Nichols
Derek Nichols
Jun 01, 2022

I am growing the deep chunk x chocolate f3, any one else grown it out?

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