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Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep and Insomnia

Cannabis can be an absolutely remarkable sleep aid.  I have seen it work when conventional methods and high potency pharmaceuticals have failed.  In my own life I have used cannabis to help me find sleep during periods of intensely painful Crohn’s flare-ups, and when stress has overcome me to the point of being unable to shut off my ‘monkey brain’.

Cannabis has the ability to give you peace of mind when you’re troubled by the trials of life, and when aches and pains keep your body in a state of constant tension.  However, no other demonstration of cannabis’ ability to aid in sleep was more powerful to me than when my mother was battling end-stage pancreatic cancer.  Even though her oncologist had signed off on as much morphine as her body could handle in order to make her comfortable during her last days; the most powerful narcotics were no match for the extreme pain she was experiencing.  Her only respite was during the brief and fleeting moments of sleep that came too few and far between.

She agreed to give cannabis a try, so I set to making a high-potency ‘honey oil’ extract from the buds of my favourite cannabis strain for insomnia, Angel ’98.  I used a common process whereby a very thick and sticky tincture is produced from the cannabis resin which is then consumed orally along with a little dietary fat to help absorption in the digestive tract.

The first night mom took a tiny dose of this oil was the first night she was able to sleep through the entire night and not be awoken by pain!

It continued to work, night after night, right up until she was moved into hospice care and we were unable to administer her nightly dose.  But up until that point the cannabis oil allowed mom to sleep 8 to 10 hours or more a night, compared to the two or three sporadic hours a night previous to this.  As anyone who has known the hell of watching a loved one suffering in pain, being able to provide them with just a little relief in whatever way you can is one of the most empowering things you can do in such a trying time.

With that being said, here are my top three recommendations for strains to help you sleep.

#1 Angel ’98

You’ll see this one of a lot of my lists.  It was one of my first medical marijuana creations because both of the parent plants have proven to be some of the best medicinal strains I’ve come across.

Angel ’98 (a hybrid of Pre-’98 Bubba Kush and LA Confidential) is highly sedative, and works amazingly well as a sleep aid.  This is a great option for folks who are prone to anxiety as it very calming and doesn’t cause the racing heart and stimulating effects common in other potent strains.  She also does very well at relieving muscle pain and nausea, and stimulating appetite.  Growers will also be pleased with her vigorous growth habits and big yields.

#2 Purple Prozac

A very high CBD low THC option for those with a very low tolerance or for anyone who is prone to anxiety or panic attacks.  Extremely relaxing and pleasant effect with good muscle relaxation and tension relieving abilities.

She is a combination of a rare purple coloured Pakistani variety from the Himalayas combined with a short flowering high CBD strain bred from the legendary Grand Daddy Purple line.  Absolutely the best choice for those who haven’t used cannabis before and want minimal psychoactive effect and maximum medicinal value.

#3  Laughing Lion

A very potent and stunningly beautiful plant that is easily one of my favourite pure-bred indicas.  A cross between LA Confidential and Chemdog ’91 (two of Snoop Dogg’s all-time favourite strains, I might add) Laughing Lion embodies everything that a pure, unadulterated Indica should represent.  It grows short and fat, with huge wide-fingered leaves that turn incredible shades of purple and black in later flowering.  If given adequate ripening time, the buds will also turn lovely shades of lavender and purple all the way through, making Laughing Lion some of the most beautiful bud on the planet.

The effect is very heavy and stoney, creating a powerful narcotic effect that relieves pain, relaxes muscles and ultimately knocks you out into a deeply relaxing slumber.  Laughing Lion is very mood elevating, and is known for causing fits of laughter and an overall happy disposition.  I’ll often medicate with some Laughing Lion after dinner, then watch some comedy on Netflix before heading off to bed.  I digest my meal better, calm my stomach, have a few laughs, and then fall asleep pain free and with ease.  A great way to end the day.

-Professor Sprout

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