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A Woman's Touch: Part 2

Lady Luck, getting ready to harvest some feminine friendly Majestic 13 from Lucky 13 Seed Co.

As discussed in the previous post, there are quite significant gender differences when it comes to the effects of cannabis in humans. The interplay between the gonadal hormones (testosterone and estrogen) with neurotransmitters, as well as body fat distribution and differences in endocannabinoid receptors in men and women all factor into this dichotomy.

But why do I care? Simply put, the women in my life are incredibly dear and sacred to me. I am a husband and a son, a brother and a friend, and when the ladies in my life suffer, it pains me. I want to be able to help them in whatever way I am able, and for my part, it is often through the use of cannabis.

I have seen quite remarkable differences in the effects certain strains of cannabis have on the female physiology compared to men, and over the years I have begun to catalogue strains that are more beneficial to women, and the various positive effects they have mentally, emotionally, and physically on their well-being.

For example, I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer five years ago. She passed well before her time, and while it was a hellacious experience I hope you never have to endure, her transition was made more comfortable through the use of cannabis.

At first she was quite opposed to it as she had had some frightening experiences with it in her youth, but there came a time when the morphine and fentanyl wasn’t working anymore, and she agreed to try cannabis oil.

I made her an oil extraction from a strain that experience had shown me would help reduce her pain, anxiety, and appetite, as well as help her sleep, and thankfully, it worked remarkably well.

We were able to spend some final days with her enjoying meals, watching movies, and just being together without her being overtaken by the relentless pain. But had I not been able to select a strain that worked with her particular physiology and biochemistry, in all likelihood it could have made her experience even more frightening and painful.

In the next post I’ll be back with some tips for you women (and all you men out there who grow for your special ladies) for selecting better strains for your body. I’ll be sure to provide some examples of classic cannabis varieties that are especially female friendly, and give recommendations on what types of strains to avoid if you're prone to depression and anxiety.

Professor Sprout

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