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Supercropping, what is it??

Supercropping, quite simply, is the process of crushing the stem to promote stronger and bushier plant growth.

By pinching and bending the main stem the plant rebuilds the stalk with added thickness and strength. This also makes the plant divert growth hormones to the shoots below the injury site which causes accelerated secondary shoot growth while slowing overall vertical growth.

These Pink Flamingo🦩 seedlings have been recently watered and were given a full hour to soak up some nutrients before I began to pinch and then bend the stalk back and forth about halfway up the plant.

I’ll keep the air movement on the canopy somewhat reduced for the next two days while the seedlings recover; cycling my oscillating fan for 15 minute intervals on and off at low speed during lights on.

There is a common concern that stressing the plants in this way will cause greater rates of hermaphroditism.

As long as you’re working with strong genetics, this is completely unfounded and will not harm the plant in any significant way. Supercropping will only lead to tougher and healthier plants with larger yields.

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Jun 07, 2020

So, it is not necessary to LST the stem down to 90° to achieve the reassigning of growth hormones to the side branches? They will start to grow more vigorously without 'lowering' the main stem or 'topping' the plant?

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