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Return of the Space Queen

A big crop of Space Dudes dropping pollen...

It's been a long while, but as you can see from this short video clip taken in "The Asylum" the much anticipated return of Space Queen #13 (Cinderella 99 x Romulan) is almost here.

Probably one of our most requested cultivars, we've been out of stock on this popular item for a number of years now, and we figured it was about time to make a fresh batch.

We did a very large selection of multiple males and females, culling all but the top performers from each sex, and have mated them in an open pollination to ensure none of the magic of this legendary pairing has been lost.

Expect to see these drop around Christmas.

Fully Seeded Space Queen

Already seeing hints of purple on the swelling seed pods

Aromas of grape, lemon, and merlot dominate the terpene profile of Space Queen

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