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Majestic 13 - Something for everyone

If there is one strain in the Lucky 13 Catalogue that has a little something for everyone, it’s Majestic 13. Typically I’m not a big fan of polyhybrids; they’re just not my style. Anyone can take two popular strains and mash them together and say they’ve created something new, but not a lot of breeders out there are putting in the work to test their lines and make something stable and consistent. I liken this to buying a pack of Roma tomato seed and ending up with Beefstake, Cherry, Roma and Plum tomatoes all in the same pack.

But with that being said, when something’s good, it’s good, and sometimes it’s better to just leave well enough alone.

That’s definitely the case with Majestic 13. On paper, it’s a bit of a cluster fuck: Lucky Lemon (Super Lemon Haze x Romulan) crossed with Himalayan Blue Hash (Blueberry, Hashplant, and Himalayan IBL), and the myriad of phenotypes expressed reflect this witches brew of cannabis cultivars.

I’ve seen a lot of different (but equally beautiful) specimens emerge from this line of seed. From stretchy bubblegum flavoured hazy sativas, to short and chunky pure Indica’s with rock hard nugs that smell like coffee and hash, to hybrids that smell like lemon blueberry muffins and sparkle like diamonds with copious layers of glistening trichomes. Of course the effects also run the gamut from energetic and elevating, to sedating and medicating. But the one thing all Majestic 13 plants have in common is a blissful and euphoric vibe that is profoundly happy and centering. Note: If you are into Yoga, then Yoga while medicated on Majestic 13 is something you simply must experience.

So if you’re looking to dig into a pack of seeds that will provide you with good medicine for any occasion, then look no further. To paraphrase that dumbass Forest Gump; life is like a box of Majestic 13, you never know what you’re going to get.

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