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A Woman's Touch: Part 1

Ganja Goddess and Female Grower, Genie (Instagram: @queensgateee)

While it’s no secret that the underground cannabis industry has traditionally been the bastion of men (thanks in no small part to our risky/dumbass behavioural tendencies), with the dawning of legalization it’s encouraging to see more and more women rising to the top of the cannabis world in entrepreneurial and leadership roles.

Cannabis is a very interactive plant, and it’s growth, and thus quality of medicine produced, is very reflective of the care and attitude under which it is tended and cultivated. Quite simply, it responds exceptionally well to a woman’s touch.

On the multiple occasions I have been sidelined due to my health issues and required a few days of bedrest, it has been up to the women on my team to pick up my slack. And every time this has happened, without fail, I have returned to the gardens to find the plants healthier and happier than I left them. I guess I should take more sick days.

From what I’ve been seeing on Instagram, this is not an isolated trend. Female growers are absolutely killing it out there. More and more ladies are taking to the the gardens with a passion, enthusiasm, and level of skill that is downright inspiring.

However, an area that I have yet to see get the attention it deserves is female specific cannabis strains. In a world that is currently consumed with promoting equality, it can be easy to forget our very real biological differences. Quite simply, women and men interact with cannabis in distinctly unique and individual ways.

In the next series of posts I will provide some tips for all you ganja goddesses out there looking to select the right strain for your personal biochemistry, as well as reveal some secret projects we’ve got going on at Lucky 13 Seeds with you in mind.

Professor Sprout

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