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1st Ever Green Friday Sale

Check back this Thursday November 28th, 2019 for details on our first ever Green Friday sale! Lucky 13 rarely (in actual fact NEVER) offers discounts or sales as we feel our products are priced well and very fairly. We offer more seeds for less money than our competitors and we always include special gifts with purchases. We would rather provide our products at a good price all year long rather then mark up the cost and then entice customers with special sales every other week.

Part of the reason we do this is so that when you purchase our seeds you know you're not getting ripped off when a special sale price comes around in a week or two. The price is the same for all seeds, at all times of the year, no matter what, and we feel good about that.

But this year we're feeling in the holiday spirit and want to offer you something special that we normally would never do. So please be sure to check back here, this Thursday, for details on our very special, 1st ever Green Friday Sale!

See you soon!

Professor Sprout

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