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Space Skunk

Space Skunk, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Space Skunk

Genetics: Romulan x 1985 Skunk #1 IBL

Variety: Hybrid

Avg. Flowering Time: 8 Weeks

Yield: Medium-High

Potency: Very High

More Information:  

Space Skunk blasts off with extreme F1 hybrid vigour thanks to the collision of two heavily inbred classics.  Big, thick, and oily buds ooze pungent terpenes of pine, skunk, citrus and sage with outstanding yields and mind warping potency.  

Space Skunk excels in medicinal applications; working exceptionally well at reducing symptoms of stomach distress, migraines, and muscle pain.  We’re also seeing promising results with symptoms of PMS, anxiety, and depression.  Letting your Space Skunk plants ripen an additional week will enhance the phenomenal medicinal qualities even further, with average flowering time clocking in at about 55-60 days.


This cultivar grows very well untrained and un-topped, but yields can reach extreme levels when time is taken to level out the canopy with screening and some extra TLC.

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