Space Queen #13

Space Queen, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Space Queen #13

Genetics:  Romulan x Cinderella 99

Variety: 80% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  8-9 Weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: Extreme


More Information:  We germinated a pack of Cinderella 99 that was gifted to us by a fellow grower.  It was unknown who the original breeder was as the original packaging had been discarded, but she grew very much like the Cindy 99 sativa that we were familiar with.  The high was very cerebral and thought provoking, giving a very spacey feeling and almost amnesiac effects.  We instantly saw the potential for treating PTSD, anxiety and other such ailments with the Cindy 99 but we wanted to beef up her yield and combine her with another pure strain that would compliment her headiness.


As Romulan is always one of our favourite breeding tools, it made sense to do a Space Queen re-creation and join our newfound Cindy 99 with our Legendary Romulan - a match made in the heavens!


Space Queen #13 has impressed us all around.  Her potency is shockingly strong; forcing seasoned pros to tap out after a few passes around the circle.  The flowers on her long stretchy limbs grow fast and dense; soaking golf ball sized buds with ample resin that smells of grape and merlot.  Her colours are also stunning.  Hues of blue, purple, violet, and red dominate the buds and fan leaves as she approaches harvest time.


Space Queen #13 ticks all the boxes for a well balanced hybrid with some serious potential.  Give her 9 weeks of bloom time in large containers with rich organic soil and you will not be disappointed.  Be sure to save the trim for absolutely outstanding full-melt bubble hash.