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Space Queen #13

Space Queen, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Space Queen #13

Genetics:  Cinderella 99 x Romulan

Variety: Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Medium

Potency: Extreme

More Information:  

Back by popular demand, this is the long awaited return of the Space Queen.  This beauty has been sold out for quite a long while, and in that time we received more requests to bring this one back over anything else in our back catalogue.  Now in its highly matured and stabilized F6 generation, Space Queen #13 is a blast from the past that combines the two ultra-legendary cultivars; Romulan, and Cinderella 99, in a thoroughly tested and proven line that is sure to please any serious cannabis connoisseur.  


We started with a very large pool of candidates from our seed vault and through a stringent selection process narrowed the final breeding stock down to 5 exceptional females and 8 superb males.  An open pollination was then done to promote enhanced vigour in the line while limiting excessive bottlenecking of these coveted genetics.  


Space Queen #13 impresses on every level.  Her potency is shockingly strong; forcing seasoned pros to tap out after a few good tokes.  Effects are expansive and cerebral.  There is also a nice balance of body to compliment the mental euphoria that is a well-known trait of Space Queen.  The flowers on her long stretchy limbs grow fast and dense; soaking golf ball sized buds with ample resin that waft aromas of citrus, grape, and merlot.  Fan leaf structure is thin-fingered on long petioles with some extremely jagged, jigsaw-like serrations in select expressions. Her colours are also stunning.  Hues of purple, violet, and red dominate the buds and foliage as she approaches harvest time, though cool evening temperatures are typically required during ripening to bring this feature out in full effect.  Bud structure, as mentioned, is dense and round with exceptional bract development reminiscent of OG or Cookie-style flowers.  Trimming is quick and easy thanks to a near perfect bud-to-leaf-ratio.     


Give her 9 weeks of bloom time in large containers of rich organic soil and you will not be disappointed.  Just be sure to save the trim for absolutely mouth watering full-melt bubble hash or live rosin.  

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