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Romulan Warbird

Romulan Warbird, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Romulan Warbird

Genetics: Warlock x Romulan

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Extreme

More Information:  

Romulan Warbird combines a super thick Warlock female from Serious Seeds with our outstanding Romulan X male to create a thunderously heavy hitting Indica that blasts its way through any tolerance level. 


Romulan Warbird is the perfect strain to obliterate your worries and sink you deep into the couch after a hard day’s work.  The trademark Romulan body stone is there in spades with a heady dose of trippy euphoria provided by the enigmatic Warlock. 


Expect yields to be impressive and resin production to be out of this world.  In fact the Romulan X male used in this cross produces so much resin on the male flowers that they can actually be vaporized or smoked to great effect. 


In the terpene department, aromas of pine, citrus, and dank forest floor will permeate your grow space and seep into your nostrils to grab hold of your senses.  


Left un-topped this plant likes to develop a  seriously heavy main cola with moderate side branching, so we recommend a decent veg period and some bondage work to really spread out the canopy and take full advantage of the yield potential of multiple top buds. 

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