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Roadkill OG

Roadkill OG, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Roadkill OG

Genetics: BC Roadkill Skunk x Lucky OG Kush

Variety: Hybrid

Avg. Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yield: Medium

Potency: Very High

More Information:  

Roadkill OG couples the infamous BC RKS with our ultra-pungent Lucky OG Kush in a combination for those that enjoy their herb funky and skunky.  This is old school red-eyed, stoned to the bone, giggly, munchie, wheelchair weed.  Carbon filtration is an absolute must if you’re trying to keep things stealthy, and ziplock baggies will do absolutely nothing to hide the smell of your stash so be warned of that.  


Roadkill OG improves the weak and floppy structure of the RKS and dramatically enhances resin output and bud density.  Expect golfball bud development with excellent node spacing that is highly resistant to mold and excess humidity.  Trellising is recommended to support the tall branches that will bend over from the hefty weight of the buds late in flower. 


A good percentage of Roadkill OG plants will develop beautiful purple colouration late in flower, and this can be enhanced by cooler temperatures in the final ripening weeks.  Expect to feed heavily and be certain to apply adequate calcium and magnesium, especially during the initial weeks of bloom.  


Typical flowering time is 9 weeks, but 10 weeks will bring enhanced bag appeal and yield.

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