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Purple Vegas

Purple Vegas, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Purple Vegas

Genetics:  Las Vegas Purple Kush x Himalayan Kush (Sativa Phenotype)

Variety: 50% Indica - 50% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  10 Weeks

Yield: Medium

Potency: Extreme

More Information:  For all you poker players and all-night party people out there, this strain is for you. Purple Vegas is a strain developed specifically to keep you up, active, happy, and ready to play.


We obtained a gorgeous Las Vegas Purple Kush clone that was one of the most exquisite Indicas that we’ve ever tested.  We then combined this beautiful specimen with a sativa phenotype of a landrace Kush strain known for it’s unique adaptation to a high altitude environment.  This male has been shown to impart very exotic characteristics into it’s offspring and Purple Vegas was no disappointment.  


Purple Vegas grows extremely fast and tall, stretching to double it’s height during the flowering period.  Mold, mildew and mites are not a problem for this vigorous and healthy hybrid, but in order to support her rapid growth, heavy feedings may be required.  Internode spacing is absolutely perfect, making defoliation and excessive canopy management all but unnecessary.  


Buds are somewhat slow to develop at first, but swell significantly during the final weeks as they continue to pile on layer upon layer of extremely pungent resins that smell of sandalwood and Kush.  Foliage fades to yellow during ripening, while the buds will take on stunning hues of violet and lavender just like the LVPK mother.


We sent a beta testing batch to a professional Poker for research and development, and while heavily medicated on Purple Vegas, he won a very nice sized pot and stated that the P.V. kept him hyper focused while profoundly relaxed and in the zone all night long. 


While flowering times average 10 weeks, once you sample the energizing and mood enhancing effects of this purple beauty you will agree that she’s worth every minute of the extra effort.

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