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Peanut Butter OG

Peanut Butter OG, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Peanut Butter OG

Genetics:  Lucky OG Kush x Peanut Butter Herijuana

Variety: 75% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Very Heavy

Potency: Extreme

More Information:   Lucky 13’s Peanut Butter OG is a cross between our coveted Peanut Butter Herijuana male and our ultra-dank Lucky OG Kush female. This one is incredibly stony with that classic earthy Kush flavor combined with an unmistakable peanut butter aroma. Complete body relaxation and munchies are a given at any dose.  Excellent medicine for those treating neuropathic conditions, general pain, as well as digestive complaints and lack of appetite.  Yields are quite impressive for an OG with dense and tightly formed buds from top to bottom.  Feeds heavily with an above average demand for calcium and magnesium throughout flowering. 

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