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Northern Lights #13

Northern Lights, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Northern Lights #13

Genetics:  Northern Lights #5 x Romulan

Variety: 50% Indica - 50% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9-10 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Very High

More Information:  We took our coveted Romulan and paired her with the old school legend, Northern Lights #5.  The result is a perfect blending of both parents.  Northern Light #13 is a 9 week hybrid that exhibits many of the classic characteristics of the old school Northern Lights strain but with a much more pleasing aroma and further enhanced body relaxation.

She is a cash cropper’s delight as she grows extremely tall and fast; producing big glistening colas that seem to endlessly pack on more size, density, and resin.  Expect new flushes of fresh pistil growth to continue right up until harvest.  This is a very strong smelling strain so don’t expect to get away without carbon filtration.  Fully ripened plants take on powerful aromas of lemon, pine cleaner, and cedar.  Even non-flowering plants will smell up a room by the time they reach 12 inches tall. 

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