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Nakatomi Doja

Nakatomi Doja, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Nakatomi Doja

Genetics:  LA Confidential x Shiatsu Kush

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  The old school Cali legend LA Confidential meets the enigmatic Shiatsu Kush from the Japanese underground Cannabis scene.  Inspired by the greatest Christmas movie of all time (if you know, you know), Nakatomi Doja blends the best of LA with the best of the Land of the Rising Sun into hulking colas of resin caked indica fire.  


Resin production is bountiful and yields can be extremely thick so keeping humidity in check is an absolute must.  Growth is uniform with all phenotypes expressing tower-like growth structure with very little to no side branching.  Nakatomi Doja grows extremely well in a sea-of-green even when grown directly from seed thanks to its clone-like consistency.  Aromas centre around earthy coffee and kush with a few special examples expressing a pleasing vanilla latte sweetness.  


Buds produced tend to be either lime green with bright pink highlights, or purple throughout, with fan leaves transitioning from deep green to beautiful fall colours of reds, purples, pinks, and magentas.  Be sure to keep from harvesting too early as yield, resin, colour, and aroma all improve dramatically in the final two weeks.  


Effect is powerful and narcotic with a quick onset of heavy eyelids and soothing muscle relaxation followed by a prolonged mental relaxation that subsists even after the physical effects diminish. 

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