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Mint Trip

Mint Trip, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Mint Trip

Genetics:  Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies x Pakistani Chitral Kush

Variety: Balanced Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Avg. Flowering Time:  8-9 Weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  

The Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies clone is a true modern legend that has spawned numerous elite lines.  In it’s relatively short time on the market, variants on the cookies line have become somewhat of a viral sensation, owing to it’s outstanding potency, freak-like resin production, and drool-worthy flavours of chocolate, cherry, vanilla, and mint.


Unfortunately this has also led to massive over-feminization and destabilization of the genetics resulting in extremely high phenotype variability, lack of vigour, and disease and pest susceptibility.  Many of the cookies crosses are also becoming notorious for producing high rates of hermaphroditism.


At Lucky 13 Seeds, we wanted to create a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies cross that would capture, yet enhance the original’s dessert-like flavours and body melting potency while improving the vigour and growth characteristics in a non-feminized organic seed offering.


Cue the Purple Pakistani Chitral Kush, a highly stable, disease resistant and robust hash plant with exotic cherry, chocolate, and mint flavours and beautiful bag appeal.


Breeding the Thin Mints clone with our PCK male was a match made in heaven’s confectionery.  Mint Trip oozes minty chocolate cherry goodness in each and every seed with massively improved hybrid vigour, ease of growth, and substantially improved yields over the original stingy cookie clone.  


Effect is as powerful as ever with an incredibly stoney feel and excellent pain relieving qualities.  Munchies and blood shot eyes should be expected, along with euphoria and a peaceful and meditative state of mind.


Phenotype variation is very minimal, with all offspring exhibiting the much sought after cookies flavour.  Growth is typically straight up with minimal side branching, so top early and often to bush her out, or grow in a sea of green format for a thick canopy of chocolatey mint delights.  Bud growth is dense and impressively frosty, with a high calyx to leaf ratio for easy trimming and low general maintenance.


This is one cookie to rule them all.

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