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Lucky Lemon

Lucky Lemon, Lucky 13 SeedsNEW.jpg

Lucky Lemon

Genetics:  Romulan x Super Lemon Haze

Variety: 65% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: Extreme

More Information:  Our legendary Romulan combined with the multiple Cannabis Cup winning Super Lemon Haze. When care is taken to follow proper curing procedures, you will be rewarded with dense orange buds that smell like sweet lemon candy. The connoisseur grade nuggets of Lucky Lemon literally sparkle from the incredible number of resin glands that proliferate from week three onward. Excellent beach and BBQ weed, the Lemon has a very relaxing and social high with zero ceiling. Excellent for anxiety and depression and for helping those with poor appetites enjoy food. Greatly enhances sounds, flavors, and visual stimulation. Unbeatable for cookouts and concerts.

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