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ISS Remix 

Island Sweet Skunk Remix, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Island Sweet Skunk Remix

Genetics:  1985 Skunk #1 IBL x Grapefruit 

Variety: 75% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Very Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  

A reimagining of one of BC’s finest buds developed by crossing our ultra-popular 1985 Skunk #1 IBL with the West Coast classic, Grapefruit.  This one has thick and juicy colas that drip with resin and sweet and skunky terpenes without any of the acrid cat-pissy aroma that was all too common in the original iteration of ISS.  Impressive towering colas and hulking yields are common, with phenotypes that blend the best of both cultivars in a surprisingly homogenous F1 population.  Resin output borders on extreme making joints almost entirely clogged with hash oil by the time you get to the roach. 


ISS Remix performs exceptionally well outdoors and has shown impressive resistance to powdery mildew and disease.  She’s a heavy feeder, and prefers to live out her life in a large container of organic soil, or even better, planted directly in the ground where abundant nutrition will encourage this beauty to grow into an absolute beast.  

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