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Hawaiian Puff

Hawaiian Puff, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Hawaiian Puff

Genetics:  Blue Hawaiian Sativa x Godbud x G13 Haze

Variety: Mostly Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9-10 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Very High

More Information:  With the popularization of fast flowering cannabis and indoor growing techniques, many of the original Hawaiian genetics that were grown outdoors on the islands have been all but lost in favour of speedier and more reliable hybrids.


We wanted to bring back a taste of the Islands with Hawaiian Puff; a project to reclaim the original Hawaiian Sativa.  We started by combining the cannabis cup winning Godbud clone (a three way cross of God, Purple Skunk, and Hawaiian) with Blue Hawaiian Sativa and grew out a huge crop for selection.  We managed to find a number of pure Hawaiian Sativa phenotypes along with some heavy yielding and extremely colourful hybrids.  We also grew out a number of G13 Haze plants to pick and choose the plants that exhibited their recessive Hawaiian genetics and crossed these into the mix as well.  Over multiple generations we backcrossed to the most Hawaiian phenotype, successfully resurrecting the lost genetics we had been craving.  


Hawaiian Puff is a beautiful and potent strain that exhibits some of the most colourful and resinous offspring that we’ve seen in a sativa.  Yields are exceptional, and the flavour is truly unique.  Puff’s hashy and skunky notes are tempered by an underlying sweetness that tastes authentically Hawaiian.  She is extremely relaxing while not overly sedating, and has proven to be very enhancing in both an auditory and visual way.  The mood of this beautiful cultivar is cheerful and serene, with a dose of euphoric bliss.  This is beach weed at it’s finest.  


Growth is fast, tall, and mostly vertical with little side branching.  There are a few different phenotypes and each one is better than the previous one, with many plants displaying cannabis cup caliber flowers and neon pink pistils.  Most Hawaiian Puff plants will finish in 9-10 weeks (you can harvest earlier for a more heady sativa experience) but if you do manage to find a short, more branchy phenotype do not discard it.  These fast-flowering phenotypes have been found to produce almost mutant-like resin production with extremely exotic colouration with powerful effects.

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