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Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple Ultraviolet, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Granddaddy Purple ultraviolet

Genetics: Granddaddy Purple F6 x Frostberry F4 Ultraviolet Male

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time: 8 Weeks (Mid-late Sept outdoors)

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  

GDP is the Godfather of purple indicas, but if you prefer to grow your cannabis outdoors in the open elements, you pretty much need to be south of the 45th parallel in order to get in to finish before the weather turns against you.  


What is a shame is that GDP exhibits some of its finest qualities when grown in soil under natural sunlight, and then ripened off with cool evening temperatures.  Outdoors in intense sunlight, GDP’s notoriously slow vegetative growth becomes a non-issue.  And when the day/night temperature differential increases in the fall while the flowers are maturing, the cold significantly enhances colour, flavour, and resin production.  This is fantastic if you’re growing in Northern California or Southern Oregon, but any further north and you lose that sweet spot that Granddaddy Purple thrives in.


The solution to this conundrum came in the form of a truly exotic male plant that emerged from our super early Frostberry line that we coined “Ultraviolet”.  So named due to its gorgeous purple pollen sacks reminiscent of freshly blooming African Violets, this stunning plant was an obvious choice to pair with our GDP to improve its harvest window. 


For the mother, we took a number of our F6 generation female Granddaddy Purples and planted them outdoors to began seriously stress testing them.  Moving them indoors to outdoors resulted in all of the plants re-vegging themselves before again reverting back to bloom two months later.  Additionally they were under-watered, many times to the point of near complete dehydration, as well as exposed to extremely high disease pressure due to having been planted in a rotting, stinking compost pile. To add further insult to injury we left them out late into the fall to be hit with multiple heavy frosts, and finally snow.  


Amazingly, these plants took it all in stride and thrived!  Not a single pest attack, zero mold, zero mildew, and they still produced beautiful golf ball sized nugs of grapey purple bliss with not a trace of intersex issues on any plant.


We selected the most robust female from this group and pollenated its clones with our Frostberry Ultraviolet male.


The result is an absolutely bulletproof Grandaddy Purple strain that can take any environmental stress you can throw at it while finishing an entire month earlier than the original GDP.  


Granddaddy Purple Ultraviolet plants exhibit much improved vigour and yield, with outstanding resin production and insane bag appeal.  Terpene profiles are enhanced and intensified, and exotic colouration is guaranteed.  This special strain includes every desirable aspect of GDP but with none of its weaknesses.  


Now short-season northern growers can experience the incredible anti-anxiety effects of Granddaddy Purple, while puffing on greasy grapey purple nugs grown organically in the great outdoors.  

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