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Frostberry (new)

Genetics: Grand Daddy Purple x Purple Prozac x Blackberry Kush

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time: 8 Weeks - Early September (Outdoors)

Yield: Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  All new Frostberry from Lucky 13 Seed Company is a super-early flowering pure indica strain that boasts gorgeous lavender coloured buds and an intoxicating sweet berry aroma.  Created by the mating of a mutant early flowering Grand Daddy Purple male with our exquisite Purple Prozac and a Blackberry Kush, then selected over multiple generations for only the earliest flowering phenotypes.  Begins flowering in late July for an early September finish before bad weather arrives.  The ultimate strain for northern outdoor growers looking for big yields, big potency, and a big stone.  Grows very tall and thick with little to no lateral branching.  Top early and often to spread her out and achieve maximum yield potential.  Better yet, plant many seeds or clones in a sea of green and leave un-pruned for massive trees by the end of summer.  Not recommended for outdoor growers near the equator.  Must use a 20/4 light cycle with plenty of lumens in vegetative growth to keep from flowering prematurely indoors.