Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions

Do you feminize your seeds?

Our seeds are NOT feminized, NOT genetically modified, and are grown organically without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. This results in high viability, excellent germination rates, tremendous vigour and long shelf life when storing seeds. You can read more about why we don't feminize our seeds here. Typical male to female ratios are luck of the draw, but average seed packs will have at least 50% females, with many strains routinely producing over 70% females. Because Lucky 13 Seeds give you 13 seeds per pack, you can expect at least 6-10 females per pack.

Do you gaurantee germination?

Due to the significant factor of human error in germinating seeds, we do not guarantee germination. However, choosing to use the Lucky 13 Seed Germination Method will often result in better than 90% germination success. If you decide to germinate using any other method expect your rates to be lower. This is the risk the customer takes. However, since we thoroughly test and inspect every batch, you can rest assured that if you follow proper procedure, you will have excellent results, and often perfect germination. Every single pack of seed is hand selected for optimum quality control, and every batch is thoroughly tested for germination rates. If we don’t get over 90% germination using our recommended method then we don’t sell them.

Can I reserve or back order a strain?

Seeds are small batch produced to maintain very strict quality control, therefore we routinely sell out of our most popular strains. We do not provide backorders, and we do not reserve seeds, so get them while you can.

Do you sell single seeds? Can I order less than 13 seeds of one strain?

No. Since we do not feminize our seeds, we chosen to include 13 seeds per pack to ensure an average of at least 5-7 females per pack.

Do you offer custom or bulk orders?

Yes, we offer wholesale and bulk orders. Email us for a quote.

How should I store my seeds?

To keep your seeds as fresh as possible, store them in their crush proof container in your refridgerator. DO NOT FREEZE.

What method do you recommend for germination?

Read our Germination Guide blog post for detailed germination instructions

How much does a pack of seeds cost?

$67 CAD per pack of 13 non-feminized seeds.

How can I get sponsored by Lucky 13 Seed Company?

We are currently looking for a Canadian or American Instagram influencer (legal grower) with 10,000 followers or more. If you meet this criteria and are interested in sponsorship, please email us with your Instagram handle and contact details.

Can I order seeds & clothing/merchandise in the same shipment?

Unfortunately no. Our clothing & merchandise ships directly from our printing partner.

Who do I contact if I have questions about clothing & merchandise?

For ALL clothing and merchanidise customer service inquiries including orders, shipping, returns or any other product related questions, please contact our printing partner Teespring. This is FASTEST way to get a response, as they have a dedicated merchandise customer service team. If you have placed an order login to your account or email: *Be sure to reference your order number if you have one.​

Can I get free clothing or merchandise with my seed order?

As all our clothing and merchandise is print-on-demand and shipped directly from our printing partner, we cannot add it to your seed order.