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Deep Kill 

Deep Kill, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

Deep Kill

Genetics:  Roadkill Skunk x Deep Chunk 

Variety: 75% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  9 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  

Essentially a re-creation of BC Roadkill Skunk, this extremely pungent cultivar tames the frustratingly floppy structure of the RKS clone with the robust and stocky Deep Chunk framework.  Not only does the Deep Chunk improve the stature of the RKS, but it also brings to the table it’s own classic Afghani funk.  This ensures all phenotypes will express a level of potent pungency that is becoming increasingly difficult to find amongst all the dessert-oriented offerings in the seed market these days.


Two main phenotypes are present in this line; a taller and more sativa-leaning expression that leans to the RKS mother but with much improved bud structure and resin production, and a shorter more Indica variety that takes after the Deep Chunk father but not nearly as short and bushy.  Out of 100 seeds, expect about a 70-30 split in Deep Chunk to RKS phenotypes.


Resin production is excellent across the board, with extremely dense, golf-ball like buds evenly spaced on Christmas tree shaped plants.  Deep purples and exotic colours are to be expected during senescence.  Not only will the fan leaves and foliage morph from green to purple, but so will the buds, and even some of the trichomes as well.


Deep Kill has excellent hybrid vigour, growing fast and strong in a short amount of time.  Expect to see some very large fan leaves during vegetative growth, but be advised that you’ll want to take care of any pruning and defoliating before flowering begins to avoid hindering your yields.  


When growing Deep Kill, keep the environment dry and bright, yet cool.  Deep Kill performs best in a very dry environment with decreasing night time temperatures that are gradually chilled around week 6 of bloom.  Following VPD charts is not recommended with this strain, and ensuring adequate dry-backs in your medium is essential.  


If you’re looking to search out phenotypes with more RKS influence, keep your eyes peeled for plants that are taller and somewhat more branchy in structure, with thin-fingered leaves and longer internode spacing.  Their strong smell will also give them away.  


The RKS clone is notorious for some late intersex traits, but upon testing of this line we’ve found the Deep Chunk male to have dramatically tempered this annoying habit such that it shows up very infrequently, and even then only late into the ripening period, well past the point where you risk seeding your crop.  As it happens, if you do find one of these interlopers, they tend to be exceptionally potent and some absolutely remarkable smoke that may just be your favourite in the pack.  However, this makes Deep Kill ill-advised in a perpetual grow where you have younger female plants nearby.  


Flowering time averages 9 weeks, but we prefer to take them down at 10 weeks for a more full-bodied and less heady effect. 

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