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Deep 6ix

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Deep 6ix

Genetics:  Deep Chunk IBL F6

Variety: 100% Indica

Avg. Flowering Time:  8 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: High

More Information:  

With the absence of Tom Hill from the cannabis breeding scene and the recent proliferation of watered-down polyhybrids, we felt it crucial to bring back this legendary pure Afghanica.  For those who have been longing for a taste of one of the most famous indicas from days gone by, Deep 6ix will not disappoint.  We’ve held this line in our breeding stock for many years, working it over multiple generations, but have never offered it up in pure form until now.


Deep 6ix takes its name from the fact that we are releasing it in F6 format as clocked from our original accession, in addition to the fact that we selected 6 females and 6 males from a much larger pool for the open pollination of this iteration of Deep Chunk.  Deep Chunk was originally an IBL when we obtained it from Tom Hill before he went dark, so it’s impossible to know which filial generation this is in actuality.  Regardless, expect clone-like uniformity and all the Indica awesomeness that DC is famous for.  


During the working of Deep 6ix a number of runts and mutants showed up in the selection pool. After some humming and hawing, we felt it best to discard these outliers, so look elsewhere if you’re hoping to find some of the more rare and oddball offerings that Deep Chunk has been known to produce.  These weirdos are typically dwarfish, intersex, and excessively leafy.  They are also extremely vulnerability to pathogens such as botrytis and powdery mildew.  While they can be interesting to grow, we tossed them in favour of only the strongest available expressions in order to improve the line’s performance and health.  We also biased our selections towards phenotypes with a taller stature with longer internode length which dramatically improves Deep 6ix’s overall structure compare to previous generations.


With that being said, the 6 males and 6 females that ultimately made up the genetic pool for Deep 6ix are some of the best examples we’ve seen of what this line is famous for.  Expect to find beautiful broad-leaf foliage that can grow to jurassic proportions, thick-stemmed structure that requires no staking or support whatsoever, trichome production that borders on insane with resin rails that coat the petioles and foliage, intoxicating aromas of coffee, hashish, skunk, burnt rubber, and pine tar, and an absolutely devastating stone that melts you to the floor and obliterates pain.


Deep 6ix will often transform from emerald green to a deep purple that borders on jet black in the final weeks of flowering.  Be sure to keep temperatures cool and very dry in the final weeks of ripening.  This will enhance coloration and help you to avoid mold and mildew.  We do not recommend following VPD charts with Deep 6ix as she does not enjoy the higher humidity levels that this practice employs. 


This is an extremely limited production run so get them while they last.

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