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Super Skunk Y2K

In stock
Product Details

Genetics: Open pollination of multiple heirloom Super Skunk lines


Variety: Hybrid

Avg. Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Yield: High

Potency: Above Average

More Information: In a two year project to bring back the classic Super Skunk that has nearly been lost to time, we embarked on a vast pheno hunt of multiple vintage Super Skunk strains from our seed vault.

It is well known that the Skunk plants of 20-30 years ago are far superior to what is making the rounds today; all of which trend towards the current market fad of super-sweet and fruity expressions. The Super Skunk that was circulating through the underground market in the 90’s and early 2000’s was a far more pungent plant with a much more distinct and euphoric high. The ultra-rare and highly sought after Giesel and Mass Super Skunk are just two of the many lines that descended from this classic Super Skunk strain.

In order to bring back these lost genetics, we had to pop a significant number of Super Skunk seeds that we held in storage dating from around the turn of the millennium.

In this open pollination our primary goal was skunky and pungent aromas. This required significant culling of any and all phenotypes that didn’t express that telltale funk that you would expect in a strain called Super Skunk. We removed all plants from the breeding pool that didn’t provide a measured dose of that classic aroma, regardless of how desirable they may have been in other categories. No attention was paid to structure, yield, coloration, or modern bag appeal. As a result of this singularly focused selection process, and the sheer number of plants combined in this massive open pollination, do not expect clone-like uniformity in Super Skunk Y2K.

However, if you’re a dedicated skunk hunter willing to put the time and effort into exploring these old school genetics, you will be rewarded with some classic cannabis gold in each and every pack. Super Skunk Y2K delivers a retrocentric experience from the days before smart phones when the weed was killer and the smell was offensive.

Due to the unique nature of this project, and our desire to get these vintage genetics back out into the world we are offering Super Skunk Y2K in a very special pheno hunters pack of 20 non-feminized seeds for the same price as our usual 13 seeds.

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