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Blood, Milk & Sky

In stock
Product Details

Genetics: Milk and Qookies (Auto) x Red Blood OG (Standard)

Variety: Indica
Avg. Flowering Time: 9 Weeks (2nd week of September outdoors)
Yield: Heavy
Potency: High
More Information: Blood, Milk, & Sky brings the unbeatable aroma, effect, and bag appeal of classic OG cultivars to outdoor growers everywhere.
The goal of this project was to speed up the flowering time of our Lucky OG Kush IBL (Red Blood SFV OG Phenotype) for outdoor growers in areas with abbreviated summers.
Our Red Blood OG cut is one of our most coveted strains due to it’s thundering potency, outstanding medicinal value, and addictive aroma. Unfortunately it is impossible to grow to full maturity outdoors here in Canada due to its late flowering initiation and long bloom cycle.
Since our Red Blood OG male has a proven track record of being an exceptional stud that breeds true for many of its outstanding traits, it was an easy choice for the pollen donor. Next, we needed an OG-esque fast flowering female to received the genetic material from our male that would hasten flowering time without diluting the OG’s character.
From our experience with Night Owl’s Milk and Qookies line, we knew it produced many offspring with the classic OG Kush qualities we were looking for; most notably a pronounced skunky-coffee aroma and squinty red-eyed stone on plants with greasy golfball style nugs on well spaced branches.
The original cross was made, and then 108 of the first generation offspring were hunted through in a large outdoor breeding program to nail down our chosen phenotypes.
We chose four final females with aromas that all consisted of earthy coffee and classic kush with a hint of cookie dough coming through from the Milk and Qookies mother. The three most heavy yielding males with early flowering initiation and resinous pollen sacks were chosen to contribute their chromosomes.
Due to being bred and selected in the outdoors without ever seeing artificial light or climate control; Blood, Milk, & Sky is intended strictly for outdoor growers with short seasons or those looking to stagger harvests windows with some earlier finishing plants.
Expect OG Kush quality flowers with exceptional resin production that stays gooey even in harsh environmental conditions. Structure is much tighter than the traditional lanky and stretchy OG Kush varietals with massively improved stem strength. Internode spacing has been perfected for excellent air flow and modern golfball-style bud development with top shelf bag appeal.
Left to grow naturally, BMS will form efficient christmas tree-style plants with heavy satellite branching and a hefty central cola. Topping and spreading the canopy is suggested to massively increase yields as well as to help keep moisture from accumulating inside the plant after rainfall.
Flowering begins early to mid July dependant on your initial planting date (earlier is better) which will bring you to peak ripeness around the middle of September or earlier.
As with many OG Kush strains, yields bulk up considerably in the final few weeks, so resist the urge to chop early unless absolutely necessary.
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