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African Ice

African Ice, Lucky 13 Seeds.jpg

African Ice

Genetics: African Sativa Landrace x Chemdog '91

Variety: 95% Sativa

Avg. Flowering Time:  9-12 Weeks

Yield: Heavy

Potency: Extreme

More Information: From a mixed-bag of genuine African cannabis seeds we grew out an amazingly pure, long-flowering sativa female, and crossed her with our Chemdog ’91 male.  This dramatically reduced her flowering time without diluting her mind-altering power.  Expect the more sativa dominant phenotype of African Ice, which we call “Alice”, to finish around 11-12 weeks.  She’s got long limbs stacked at every internode with golfball sized buds bulging with swollen crystal-laden calyxes.  The Chemdog leaning phenotype finishes much earlier, at around just 9 weeks, and features heavy colas that stack out from bottom to top with greasy, dank nugs.  The aromatic profiles of African Ice share the sweet-sandalwood scents of the African mom and the distinctly earthy Chemdog funk of the dad.  Extremely potent while also being relaxing, cerebral and joyful.  The Alice phenotype mixes exceptionally well with intimate encounters due to her ability to stimulate and enhance tactile sensation.

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