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Why is my weed Bleeding?

I just received this interesting question from one of our valued customers:

"Hey Professor Sprout,

I ended up popping some of those Peanut Butter Herijuana and they are doing amazing so far! They are still a bit young but I'm really enjoying growing these! Unfortunately I lost 2 because they were in some bad soil from what I gather but the other 3 are doing great! I had a question for you though. I topped them all and something very interesting happened! They all seemed to be bleeding pure purple! It's a really deep deep purple that almost looks black in person. I have some nice pictures of it as well. Was just wondering do you have any information about this? Asked a couple of friends and they've never seen it before. My one friend even asked his dad who started his first grow in '75 and he's never seen it either. Really looking forward to hearing you're response and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Hopefully all this helps with finding out what's going on here. It's pretty cool and I just want to say I'm really enjoying running these Peanut Butter Herijuana! They seem unstoppable! Gorgeous looking plants as well! I can't wait to see how these turn up! Fingers crossed I get a female or two out of the three.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly again! You are the best and looking forward to hearing back! Have a good one! D

Hi D,

Thanks for the pictures and the excellent details. I’ll share with you a shot of my Lucky OG Kush.

Notice it has the same purple blood leaking out from where it was topped. This is the same effect that you’re seeing with your Peanut Butter Herijuana.

This substance giving the fluid it’s deep purple colour is anthocyanin, a phytochemical that gives blueberries, blackberries and other dark fruit their signature pigment. If you were to taste it, it is quite bitter.

They are actually conducting very interesting studies with anthocyanin and finding it to have intriguing medicinal properties. In fact they have shown it be incredibly effective at fighting obesity in rats.

In Cannabis, this high concentration of anthocyanin in the sap during the vegetative state is actually quite rare. It is more typically seen in late bloom when the plant is exposed to colder temperatures. It acts as a kind of antifreeze for the plant, and is the substance responsible for turning some plants purple. Only a few strains display this adaptation, and even fewer display it during veg. I will say you definitely have a keeper there! You are in for a treat so be sure to clone those babies!

If you were so inclined, juicing leaves and stems from your Peanut Butter Herijuana trim would make for a highly nutritious and health enhancing supplement, although not very tasty, I’ll admit.

Whenever I find this trait in a female I make sure to clone it and keep it as a mother, as I find these plants to be especially great smoke. Very potent, incredibly stony, and absolutely connoisseur grade.

Great job on finding this awesome little easter egg, well done!

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