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High CBD Cannabis - The Pros and Cons: A Truthful account from a medical cannabis user and breeder

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Part 5 - Con: Treating Nausea and Stimulating Appetite

There is nothing else on earth that I have found that helps chronic nausea and lack of appetite more than Cannabis. It is a true godsend in this regard. For many years I suffered from nearly constant nausea. I was prescribed the most powerful anti-emetic medications that are normally reserved for chemotherapy patients, yet I was left with nothing but horrible side effects and absolutely no relief. Out of desperation I turned to Cannabis, and it gave me back my life. It quelled the constant churning in my stomach, calmed my nerves, and made me able to eat. I was able to reverse my dramatic weight loss and finally regain some semblance of a life again.

I found that certain strains helped my bitchy stomach more than others, and this is actually what got me into breeding cannabis in the first place. At the time there were no dispensaries, so in order to test out different cannabis genetics the only way was to obtain the seeds through a few underground seed banks and grow them out myself.

Along the way I discovered a number of extremely effective strains for nausea relief and appetite stimulation. Unfortunately, high CBD strains have been largely disappointing in this area. I find they are almost completely useless at controlling my nausea, and many actually suppress my appetite. What a shame.

So what does work? I have found Afghani genetics to be particularly effective for me, especially Afghan Kush and landrace Hindu Kush varieties (which ultimately were combined to create my Master Medica strain - see photo). I also rely heavily on Romulan when dealing with a Crohn’s flare up; as it controls stomach pain and cramping as well as nausea.

But the absolute hands down winner for treating severe nausea and lack of appetite is Lucky OG Kush. It is by far and away my top recommendation for anyone dealing with the horrendous side effects of cancer treatment or any other condition which leaves your stomach turning and your appetite awol. But be warned, Lucky OG Kush induces intense zombie-level munchies.

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