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 Get All Your Lucky 13 Merch! 
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Clothing & Merch FAQ's

Can I order seeds & clothing in the same shipment?

-Unfortunately no.  Our clothing & merchandise ships directly from our printing partner.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the products, my order, shipping, returns etc?

-For ALL customer service inquiries including orders, shipping, returns or any other product related questions, please contact our printing partner Teespring.  This is FASTEST way to get a response, as they have a dedicated merchandise customer service team.  If you have placed an order login to your account or email:  

*Be sure to reference your order number if you have one.

Can I get free clothing or merchandise with my seed order?

As all our clothing and merchandise is print-on-demand and shipped directly from our printing partner, we cannot add it to your seed order.

How do I select the correct size for clothing?

There is a sizing chart included in each clothing listing.  Just hit the "Show More Details" tab.


How long will it take my clothing/merch order to arrive?  How much will shipping be?

Delivery details are shown under each product when selected.  (See Photo Below)

*For accurate delivery estimates BE SURE to select your destination country.

Shipping costs are also indicated under the "Delivery Details" section.

Order Details.jpg

Why are the prices odd numbers?  For example $19.23 CAD

Our printing partner's default currency is in USD, so if your IP address is outside the US, it automatically converts the prices to the current exchange rate for your country.

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